Building Services

We have acted as principal contractor on varies commercial projects throughout the north west specialising particularly in the design and construction of special needs care homes for high functioning and challenging individuals. We understand that to maintain our reputation, quality and value for money are critical. We believe this is the only way to provide you with complete customer satisfaction.

As principal contractor we will

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the entire construction phase from site setup through to handover.
  • In conjunction with our health and safety advisors we take account of the health and safety risks to everyone affected by the work (including members of the public), in planning and managing the measures needed to control them.
  • Take a proactive approach to liaising with the client and principal designer for the duration of the project to ensure that all risks are effectively managed.
  • Prepare a written construction phase plan before the construction phase begins, implement, and then regularly review and revise it to make sure it remains fit for purpose.
  • Consistently monitor and managing health and safety throughout the construction phase adapting and implementing as necessary.
  • Monitor, consult and engage with workers about their health, safety, welfare concerns and needs.
  • Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the construction phase.
  • Check any sub trades or consultants appoint have the skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, the organisational capability to carry out their work safely and without risk to health.
  • Ensure all site operatives and visitors have site-specific inductions, and any further information or training they need.
  • Take steps to ensure there is no unauthorised access to the site.
  • Liaise with the principal designer to share any information relevant to the planning, management, monitoring and coordination of the pre-construction phase.

If your project is on a smaller scale we can also offer a design and build service. In addition to all the services listed as principal contractor we can also.

  • Arrange for feasibility surveys
  • Produce outline/full planning applications
  • Building control submissions
  • Interior/Exterior design
  • Produce structural engineers calculations

Act as principal designer

  • Planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase.
  • Help and advise the client in bringing together pre-construction information, and provide the information designers and contractors need to carry out their duties.
  • Work with any other designers on the project to eliminate foreseeable health and safety risks to anyone affected by the work and, where that is not possible, take steps to reduce or control those risks.
  • Ensure that everyone involved in the pre-construction phase communicates and cooperates, coordinating their work wherever required.

Dedicated to your designs

Our team of dedicated architects and designers are able to draw plans to your exact ideas. Contact our team today for a free quote and to discuss your project ideas.