Environmentally Friendly Building Service

Company Vision

Vision Statement

All buildings should aim to be low in embodied energy, use energy efficiently, generate electricity, collect and recycle water, be passively thermally comfortable and provide safe indoor air quality.

Our vision is for these goals to be shared throughout the building industry.


Our experience will find the right solution for your project

Our professional approach to consulting comes from genuine personal interest in various areas of sustainability, complemented by education and extensive industry experience. Diverse backgrounds and practice in architecture, science, urban planning, construction, engineering and IT all contribute to the success of D H Building & Renovation and ongoing benefits we can deliver for you. Professional services include;

  • Residential – intelligent solutions for residential building projects.
  • Commercial – advanced building modelling services for commercial projects.
  • Research – extensive research on how buildings perform under varied conditions and construction.


Our independence is your assurance

D H Building & Renovation subscribes to a professional code of practice. We maintain complete independence from builders, manufacturers and energy companies and we are not affiliated with any building product or method.